November 07, 2012

And we have a winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered this giveaway!  Each entry had to be put into the drawing hat for one answer wrong, so my wonderful fiance Jeff closed his eyes and reached in.

Congratulations ARA BENTLEY for being the winner!  Your shelf will be shipped out once I receive your mailing address confirmation; check your email.

Here are the answers:

1.  What style home inspired this project?  - a second empire Victorian.
2.  What stain colors did I use for the parquet flooring in the living room?  - Walnut, mahogany, and golden oak.
3.  What holiday weekend did I spend working on the foyer of the dollhouse and what was the most challenging aspect of finishing the foyer?  - 4th of July and the advance planning it required to ensure it was completed ‘before’ the staircase went in.
4.  What two rooms weren’t large enough for me and caused me to bash the kit?  - kitchen and bathroom.
5.  What was the one thing that was disappointing to me regarding the staircase that goes from the first to second floors?  - that it won’t be seen.

6.  How many individual pieces make up the parquet flooring in the living room?  - 1008 
7.  What did I use to create the hearth for the fireplace?  - brick 

8.  What is the name of Anne Kennicott’s decorator?  - Franz.

9.  What was the one aspect of building this dollhouse that I thought I’d never get to?  - the point where it looks like a home.
10.  How come the third floor room took so much longer to finish than the rest of the rooms in the house?  - because it required the further construction of the rest of the house.

11.  Name at least three places, inside and/or out, where copper accents were used.

12.  Why did it take me so long to show pictures of the 2nd floor hallway?  - because my regular digital camera was too big to fit, so I used my iphone to take the photos.
13.  What got sacrificed when I put in the bedroom balcony and door?  - wall space.

14.  What room got a major “do over” and why?  - the living room, because the wainscot was driving me crazy. 
15.  What theme was used in the nursery?  - Peter Rabbit.

16.  In what month and year did I officially start this project?  – April 2011 
17.  What furniture kit did I bash into a kitchen sink?  - HOM Cupboard Base.    

18.  How many House of Miniatures furniture kits were assembled and used inside this project?  - nine.
19.  What is my favorite part of the bath room?  - pictures on the walls.

20.  What was the delay in the final finishing touches of the house?  - the wait for landscaping materials.


Ara said...

Thank you Marie! I am so excited! I feel it is my lucky day! And again congrats on finishing such a gorgeous project! Wish I could check it out in person! hugs, ara

Steinworks said...

congratulations Ara :)

Linda said...

Congrats, Ara! This was a very fun giveaway to do! Thank you, Marie, for the opportunity to enter (and for all the gorgeous dollhouse photos to look at while filling out the questionnaire!).