September 02, 2012

The Finished Exterior of 120 Copper Court

Well, here she is! I thought I'd never get to this point...where this dollhouse looks like a home. The only thing I have left to do to the outside is the landscaping and I'm tossing around several different ideas. But for now, at least the structure itself is complete. As hinted at in the address, there are several copper accents scattered throughout the structure...within the front gable trimwork, the window trimwork, balustrade accents, and even the roof. I will be incorporating a few subtle copper accents throughout the interior as well. I'm totally thrilled with the stone front porch. At first I couldn't decide on the color of tiles to use, but finally decided to match the porch stones to the color of the foundation stonework as closely as possible. The final result is very satisfying. After taking these photos, I thought I probably should have waited for the late afternoon light through the window rather than the morning light, simply because for some reason the afternoon light enables the eye to catch more easily the subtle color differences of the exterior paint and trimwork; with the morning light through the window, they look identical and they're not.

Now, it's onward to finally decorating the interior!  EEK!  I'm pretty excited about this as I've been collecting some pretty wonderful pieces for this house.
Here is the Kennicott family (Jeffrey, Anne, and baby Myra) that will reside within the walls of 120 Copper Court.  They've been handed the keys and now Anne Kennicott is ready to bring in her decorator.  Let the fun begin!


I'm going to save the yard landscaping for the end.  I just can't make myself put off decorating the interior one second longer!  Yayyy!! 

More pictures to come!


Nina in Germany said...

A wonderful house inside and outside.

The Old Maid said...

Pretty work!Congrats

Bell and Crow Miniatures said...

It is absolutely wonderful. Congratulations!

Margaret said...

Gorgeous house and looks like a lot of detail to get just right, you have done a great job, looking forward to seeing each room decorated.

BLANCHE said...

Fantastique!!! A beautiful home!

Frances said...

Wow! I want to live here too. Frances FF, GSOLFOTrefugees

HeatherG said...

Lovely! Has me inspired to work on my house (which just came back from storage) again.

Giac said...

Wow Wow!
This looks like a set for a movie. it is to lefelike and well done.
I am VERY impressed.
Terrific job!
Big hug,