August 29, 2012

Camping and Mini's

During a recent camping trip to Soldotna, Alaska, I found the inspiration to do a little mini'ng.  While wandering our campsite, I found on the ground a 9mm bullet casing in really good condition and I thought it would make a great miniature vase.  Surrounded by all sorts of small flora, I decided to make a floral arrangement, and here is what I came up with.  The whole thing is about 1.25 inches tall.

The fresh flowers have died by now, but I kept the casing and will use it for a more lasting arrangement in 120 Copper Court.  Speaking of Copper Court, I'm making wonderful progress on the exterior and should have some photos coming pretty soon.  It's really looking fantastic!


ANDA said...

Great idea! So tiny flowers! The attic is wonderful, congratulations!

Giac said...

What a great idea!
It looks lovely!
Allt he best,