August 17, 2012

120 Copper Court - Mansard Roof

I have just finished the mansard roof section of the entire roof assembly.  And I am loving it!  These asphalt-look shingles are perfect for this shape of roof and were so easy to put on.  I used construction adhesive and it made the entire job so much easier.  I still have the top of the main roof and the two small dormers to finish, but I just couldn't wait to see the mansard section completed.  I also used some crown moulding at the top to dress it up a bit.  I carried the look around to the rear of the house to give it a more uniform look.

I am sooo loving this house and the fact it's turning out exactly how I had envisioned it so far.  Now, onward to finish the clapboard!


Bell and Crow Miniatures said...

The roof looks great! I have used similar shingles in the past and they are super easy to put on. Loving your house and can't wait to see when it is all complete!

Giac said...

Wonderful work. It looks just fantastic. The house looks very realisitc.
Allt he bets,

Wyrna Christensen said...

I'm your newest followers. I just found your blog. You have made so many beautiful houses. You are so detailed about both ceilings and windows. I really like what you've done.
I look forward to following your work whit, 120 copper Court.

I'm new hobby miniature blogger, came by and visit me one day.

Wyrna from A fairytale come true.

Lue Madson said...

Nicely done! You got me there. For one moment, I thought it was a real house. Hahaha! But you can’t blame me, the roof and the shingles look so realistic. But if this works well in this type, it will surely works in a real house as well. Thanks for sharing this, by the way; you gave me the idea on what to give to my niece on her birthday since she’s been begging me to make a doll house for her. Anyway, you’re very talented and I’m looking forward to see more of your projects soon. :-)

Lue Madson