October 09, 2009

More Stitch-n-Time

Well, I'm done for the day. Time to give the old back a rest.

The photo below shows the cavity behind the kitchen wall that will house the 2nd floor staircase. The door you see is the actual entry door to the residence over the shop. The first floor staircase will lead right from the shop directly to the stoop. I had to cut a corner of the door off so that the second floor staircase would meet cleanly against the third floor landing. Now, keep in mind...once the second floor stairs are in, you won't even see any of this because it will be covered up. It would have been easy to cheat and not put near as much detail into this area. But I wanted realism and besides, Danielle will see it every day and it needs to be finished for her.

This next photo is of the livingroom. I can see, after looking at this picture, that I'm going to have to rid the right wall of some air bubbles but that will be easy. The big, bare wall section at the rear is where the fireplace is going. As you can see, the electrical system has been put in place and the structure is 'hot'; per se. I'm looking forward to putting in the lights once I have the ceilings done.

Next is the kitchen showing the stove alcove; behind which will be the staircase to the top floor.

This is a more direct shot of the stove alcove. I've had a Victorian grille on hand for a couple of years now and I finally found a use for part of it. Pots, pans, and various other items will go on the shelving.

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Cate and David said...

This is going to be such a delightful place Marie - beautiful work!