October 12, 2009

Day Three - Ready for Danielle's Inspection

Danielle is ready to visit her future home and place of business; the interior renovations are nearly complete. The photo below is the kitchen with the stove and sink as the usual built-in features. You'll also notice the staircase behind the stove alcove is in. The kitchen is complete.

Here is the completed livingroom. With the 8" ceilings, Danielle wasn't sure if she wanted the builder to put in crown moulding because it might make the rooms appear even shorter. She has decided to leave this aspect out for now. The fireplace was 'borrowed' from another project that won't be completed in the foreseeable future.

Here the completed bathroom; with the usual features that come with a home; all ready for Danielle's personal touches. I just love the slate floor tiles with this wall paper!

This is Danielle's bedroom and the top floor hallway; both finished.

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