October 09, 2009

The beginnings of Stitch-n-Time

Ok, so I don't know about you but when I'm in a months long slump, it takes a special project to get me out of it. For most of the summer this year I've had no desire whatsoever to "mini". Then, I was given the opportunity to start a new project; as if I really needed one but you know how it goes. Thus, "Stitch-n-Time" was created in my mind and is now becoming a reality. I've always wanted to do a quilting/sewing/yarn shop and I am now turning the Magpies kit from Dollshouse Emporium into one. Above the shop will be the shopkeepers quarters, and her name is Danielle. I will introduce you to her in due course. For now, here are the first few photos of my endeavors thus far.

This first photo is of the top floor. Of course I had to 'bash' it a bit by adding a second wall and adding the doorways. The room closest to the camera is the hallway, then the middle room is the bedroom and the far room is the bathroom. Danielle, the shopkeeper, had a real tough time picking out just the perfect wall papers.

This is the overall shot of the structure. The bottom floor is the shop, the second floor is the livingroom and kitchen of the residence, and the top floor is the hall, bedroom and bathroom of the residence.

This photo shows more of my bashing. I've moved the location of the second floor staircase to the same side of the structure as the first floor staircase.

This is the bathroom of the residence. The wall is at angle just to show the doorway I cut into it. The dark patch of MDF at the back of the bathroom floor is where the original second floor staircase came up to the top floor. This meant that the second floor stairs would have taken up one of the three available walls of the livingroom. Uh uh. I need all three walls, so simply moved the staircase elsewhere.

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