May 04, 2013

The Countryside Cottage is on its way... becoming something real.  Before I get going, however, I do need to beg your forgiveness in advance if you are a regular follower of my blog.  I took a bit of a hiatus after the completion of 120 Copper Court and a little over a month ago, I went back to school full time for my degree in Information Systems Specialist.  Combine school with a full time job, doesn't leave as much time for me to mini as I used to have.  But I do manage to eek in a few hours here and there, so here I go.  The Countryside Cottage is on its way now.  This project is what I previously named the Country Roombox.  Since I wanted to go bigger than the roombox would let me go, I decided to get a regular dollhouse kit in order to let my ideas soar!  This simple, 1/8" plywood kit gave me the skeleton I wanted to build upon and I added to the thickness of the exterior walls; making them 7/8".   I did this so that I could have deep set windows with real window sills for display pieces.  I'm after as much realism as I can possibly get with this project and I'll let you know why later on.

I am in the midst of preplanning all of my rooms.  This end of the house will have the eat-in kitchen on the first floor and the master bedroom on the second floor.  For the bedroom, I wanted only one wall wallpapered and the rest of the walls painted to coordinate.  According to the paint bottle, the color is ivory; but it looks light yellow.  I'm going to have to lighten it up a bit, as I want to match the background color of the wallpaper a bit closer. 

I won't glue the side wall on until I have the windows in; just to make life a bit easier.  The kitchen walls are painted Parchment, but I may decide later on to add a bit more color, so we'll see.  I have a huge order of mini's coming in, and once I have it I'll be able to really rock and roll on this project.


BLANCHE said...

Welcome back! I'm curious to see this new project!

Giac said...

Welcome back!
I am glad you finally have time for minis again. I cannot wait to see this next project come to life. i love that wallpaper.
Big hug,