May 22, 2013

Fireplace Wall

I am working on the two end walls and finishing the interior side of them as much as I can before I actually glue them to the rest of the house.  This shot is of the living room fireplace wall and I am totally loving it!  The only thing left to do is the inside bottom and the hearth (which will be done once the wall is glued on) and the pot crane that I need to glue in.  I think what I love so much about this is the look of the wood.  It looks as if it is reclaimed from an old barn or something and gives the perfect country 'feel' I was after.


Giac said...

I just caught up on your last 2 posts. Allt he woodwork is just ebautiful I lvoe the look of the doors, windows and the fireplace. It allready has a lot of charm!

Elizabeth S said...

I agree with Giac, the woodwork is wonderful and the details are beautifully executed. Your fireplace is Fabulous!