September 16, 2012

120 Copper Court - Foyer

First off, I want to apologize for the sideways orientation of this photo.  Unfortunately, the foyer is in an "out of reach" place and I am forced to use my iphone for this shot and the only way to get a photo to come out "upright" is to hold my iphone sideways; an impossibility with this shot due to the location.

The foyer is currently an unexciting place; not as welcoming as I'd like.  And that is simply because I have not yet found the perfect rug, or the perfect decor for the small table; an HOM kit.  I had wanted to do a stair runner with this staircase, but the whole thing had to be made so narrow to fit the space properly that I thought a runner would have made the staircase look even narrower than it is, so I left it alone.  But I am still so very much in love with the staircase and how it turned out.  I just wish it was in a much more visible place.  :(

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