February 15, 2009

The Office Entry Door

Here is the door I made from a 1/8" piece of scrap basswood. I handcarved the vertical board lines, drew on some knotholes, and then stained in the same Dark Walnut stain. I also made the frame and the decorative piece at the top center.

More and more stones go up. This is a really tedious job, so it's a real good thing I like the way they are looking!

A wall lamp is added, my office #6 is added to the top of the door, and I've even hung my office keys on the lamp for easy access. Now, back to gluing on more stones.


Millie gsolfot said...

Marie and Baby Bee,

I am loving what you are doing with the office. It will look wonderful when you are finished. I can tell all the hard work, done with love, that you are putting into it. I also love the roombox you are using!

Will be waiting for more pics.

Millie Official Inspector of Carpet Weaves and Ceiling Details of GSOLFOT

Anonymous said...

WOW, Marie. Your office is going to be delightful. I can see why Baby Bee is excited also. LOL
Love ya, your Granny Rat GSOLFOT