September 29, 2012

120 Copper Court - Kitchen

The final room is complete!  The lighting is dim with this light fixture (and I'm sure that Hannah the cook won't be pleased about it), but I thought the fixture was perfect for the room; much better than what I had in there.  I love that it's got the copper coloring to it.  The icebox was a pricey little treasure I won on eBay that I wanted just for this project.  I forget the name of the artisan who made it.  The tall skinny shelf unit I made myself; it even has an opening potato bin!  The sink is a bashed HOM kit; I'm sure you'll remember a previous post I made on this.  The stove is Chrysnbon.  I want to have better lighting in here, so maybe I'll hide a small LED bulb in there somewhere; we'll see.

My apologies for the sideways orientation of these photos.  I forgot to turn my phone sideways to take them and didn't feel like re-doing them this morning.  This is the shelf unit I made for the kitchen.  You can't see most of it when looking into the house, unfortunately.  It's of my own design and I just love it!

So there she is...the interior is complete.  I'm sure I'll run across various small items to add to the house over time.  Christmas is also coming! 

Now, I wait for the landscaping materials I ordered to come in in order to finish up the exterior.  We should be finished, hopefully, in October.


Karolyn said...

Wonderful! All so realistic, I had to really look to make sure its minis. Great job!

FabShabbyRoses said...

Beautiful job! It's such a thrill when you find those extra special pieces that bring a room to life, isn't it?! Wonderful! I love this!

Giac said...

Every new post is always a feast for the yeyes.
Very well done.