June 06, 2012

Just an Update

I wanted to let everyone know that I am still busy working on the top floor room. This seqment is taking much longer due to the fact that I am also needing to further construct the house in order to make progress on the interior finishing. As an example, the past several days have been spent working on the front and side dormers. The ceilings of the dormers are aged wood planking. I thought it would not only add texture to the room, but also nice, soft contrast to the decor I am planning. I am also working on putting together the family that will dwell within the walls of this home. I hope to introduce them to you before too long.

1 comment:

Ara said...

Can't wait to meet the family! I all too well understand the little road blocks that pop up when trying to coordinate the construction of the inside with the outside! hugs, ara