October 09, 2011

The Queen Anne II

I would like to apologize for such an extended absence from my miniatures and blogging.  Real life has dealt me some pretty hard cards to play the last couple of months (well, the last ten months actually) and I'm just now getting around to getting back some sense of normality in my life.  And what better way to try and regroup after a tragedy?  How about starting another dollhouse?!  Thanks to my wonderful boss, I've been able to utilize a long abandoned back office at work as a mini workroom for building another dollhouse; since I'm sorely lacking space at home due to my 120 Copper Court project.

And that new dollhouse is the Queen Anne II by Real Good Toys.  I've been wanting to build this dollhouse for years and decided it was time to splurge and treat myself.  My plans are to put it up for sale, once it's finished, next fall in time for the holiday season.  And if it sells, I'll treat myself to another RGT kit; the Thornhill.  As Alaska doesn't really have any retail sources for dollhouses, I'm finding the market to be on the lucrative side and hope to really make a name for myself up here for commission work and the like.

So, without further delay, here are the first few photos of the QAII.  This really is a HUGE dollhouse!  Reading the dimensions in a catalog is one thing, but to actually 'see' it's size in person is an entirely different experience.  The colors are a soft peach for the main body, with accent colors in sage green, hunter green, and maroon.


Mona said...

This is exciting! Looks like it will be a beautiful house.

Iris March said...

Marie, so glad I stopped by to see your blog again since you are now posting again.

I will keep a close eye on your Queen Anne. It is a beautiful house.

I, too, started a dollhouse blog a while back, but haven't been much of anything with dollhouses until about a week ago.


Janice said...

Good luck with the new project.
Dolls houses in Alaska, what a wonderful thing the internet is.

Sandra from Sydney said...

Marie, I too have found that doing miniatures helps when coping with trauma, and I truly hope that it does help for you. What a wonderful boss you have, to allow the use of the room for you to work in. I am a follower of your new blog and will be keenly interested in progress on both of your lovely houses. Hugs Sandie