June 03, 2011

Update on 120 Copper Court

Well, the parquet floor in the living/dining room is complete.  It's not perfectly straight obviously, but for my first attempt at such a feat, I'm still very happy with it.  A total of 1,008 pieces went down (yes, I counted).  It's darker than what I thought it would be, but the color is growing on me.  Also, the metal fireplace is in and is painted a dark gray/brown with copper accents.  I purchased it from New England Miniatures.  The wainscot is also up and complete with lace inserts that will match lace panels that are going up on the walls (front interior window frame still to come).  Next...the ceiling; now that I've gotten all the difficult to reach places done.


Kim said...

Gorgeous Marie- the floor looks amazing and I really love the fireplace and lace inserts too! What a grand house this is going to be!

Cate and David said...

Looks splendid Marie - I still see no fault when I look at that floor - one is too awed by how beautiful it is to find fault I think!

Plushpussycat said...

Beautiful florr! Glad I found your blog today!