April 01, 2009

The Southwest Bungalow - Part IV

Two shots of the loft-style bedroom and the hallway with a door out to the veranda. I think that eventually, when I'm ready to start making furniture, that I'll add a light or two to the bedroom and hall. There are wall outlets in the bedroom, but I think a hanging light would be a nice touch.


Mark said...

This house is amazing! Is there, by any chance, a kit available for purchase? Or maybe a set of plans I can buy? I've been searching for an Adobe house for years and would love to build this!

All Things Mini said...

Hi Mark9 Thank you for your kind words. This did indeed used to be a kit I sold, but no longer do. I am trying to see if I can't locate all my drawings/instructions and I can just sell you a copy if that would be of interest to you? You can email me directly at allthingsmini@gci.net.